Class Descriptions

I am excited to open regular classes at the Holistic Path on Monday mornings beginning June 05, 2023. I have decided to expand on my offerings in order to provide you with some incredibly valuable qigong and meditation training. Here’s the schedule for Mondays:

Bowing and Meditation, 8:45-9:45am: This is the foundation of my personal practice, and I want to share the experience with all of you. We’ll practice 20-25 minutes of bowing and then engage in sitting meditation accompanied by energy sensitivity and visualization exercises. This class is essential for building a strong mind-body connection to grow and strengthen your energy body. (cost: $15)

Regular Qigong Class, 10-11:15am: This is a great follow-up to the Bowing and Meditation Class, and I recommend doing both! We’ll practice my favorite qigong forms (8 brocades, 5 elements), body-tapping, body-shaking, free energy movement, and so much more! (cost: $15)

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