Adam Holtey’s 3-Phase Qigong program is fun and his caring and relaxed demeanor made me excited to start the practice. I was motivated to try Qigong in order to increase my flexibility and to combat aging. But, it has changed my life in so many other positive ways. I have found that with Qigong, I have also found a fun way to challenge myself physically and mentally. I have reduced my blood pressure to a healthy level. For the past five years I have battled my high blood pressure. Pressure going as high as 214/1I2 and never being in the normal range, my range was 130-150/90-100. In just five weeks of Qigong, my blood pressure is 107/69, I am ecstatic. I have increased my strength and my energy level is soaring. It also helps me make it through normal life with far less stress. I feel Qigong is the best health insurance plan you can buy, considering that preventative medicine is the best medicine. I use to always say I didn’t have time to exercise. You need to make the time in your life for what’s important and what’s important to me is the benefits from practicing Qigong. I feel a lot better–physically and emotionally.