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Have you reached a plateau in your qigong practice? That may be due to the fact that most qigong programs out there never take you beyond a physical and energetic practice. “The Five Elements – Affirmations and Qigong” is an on-line course that gives you the essential fundamentals for spiritual qigong. To practice spiritual qigong you certainly need to work with your body and energy, but this course takes you further by sharing simple practices to grow your spirit by cultivating virtue. By applying the timeless (but little known) relationship between the 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Paramitas (generosity, perseverance, ethics, patience, concentration, and wisdom) of Tibetan Buddhism, this course reveals through your own experience how the development of your spirit profoundly effects the health of your body and mind in miraculous ways. Using the tools in this course will deepen your faith in your qigong practice, energy healing abilities and prayer power.

5 Element Course Preview

In this course‚Äč

You’ll learn how to cultivate your inner world, connect with your higher self, and achieve greater balance and harmony in your life. With easy-to-follow instructions and expert guidance, you’ll have all the tools you need to unlock the power of Traditional Chinese Medicine and transform your life.

Self Paced

  • 17 lessons 
    • Written material
    • Audio & video
    • Tips & Insights to enhance your practice

Online Journal

  • Journaling is a powerful tool of transformation.
    • With this course you get access to a safe and secure online journal
    • Questions to prompt your writing and deepen your exploration


Adam Holtey, takes the theory and practice of the five elements to a new level of integration and practicality. Adam, a Qigong Master, creates a much needed bridge between the discipline of qigong, and the most essential spiritual principles of traditional Chinese medicine and Buddhism. 

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