Five Element Sync

Are you ready to embark on a journey of vibrant energy, self-actualization, and holistic growth? If you find yourself yearning for increased vitality, a deeper connection to your inner self, and the keys to unlocking your full potential, the Five Element Sync offers a transformative path with the resources you need for lasting change.

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Facilitated by Qigong master, mentor, and author Adam Holtey, every lesson keeps you physically, emotionally, and spiritually in-sync with the continuous cycle of the the five elements. The Five Element Sync is your ticket to igniting your innner Mastery, embracing your Vision, and experiencing true Freedom, so you can live authentically in a state of high energy, positive emotion and spiritual clarity!

Stay in-sync with the Five Elements to:

  • Cultivate the Earth Element, transforming worry and a sense of lack into a mind-set of trust and abundance. Nurture your inner value, develop your gifts, and engage in relationships that raise your energy on every level.
  • Refine the Metal Element, transforming sorrow and apathy into courage, perseverance and enthusiasm! Know your true purpose and feel inspired every day as you follow the path of your highest calling.
  • Nourish the Water Element, transforming fear into gentleness and wisdom. Awaken your love of truth and experience the joy of deep reflection, insight, and introspection.
  • Grow the Wood Element, transforming anger and impatience into kindness and tolerance. Master the arts of planning and implementation, vision and foresight, to create and engage the systems that make your dreams come true.
  • Master the Fire Element, transforming anxiety and confusion into clarity, focus, and concentration. Harness the ability to raise your energy and connect with Universal energy to build a bridge between the spiritual and physical.

Great experience

I wish to say a thank you to Adam for his warm, easy and informative sessions. The five element approach on 3 different levels of our beingness was very helpful and easy to follow. I loved the tapping warm up and have added that to my routine. He is a very kind and generous teacher. The class was both fun and informative. I also loved the emails before/after the class with meditations and exercises. It is always helpful to have ways to deal with and understand our emotions in physical ways. I loved the colors and affirmations too!

~ Kate L.

The Sync Experience

  • Monthly live online Five Element Sync sessions with Adam. These sessions run about an hour long and include Q & A and on the spot coaching at the conclusion. As a Sync member you also receive a recording of every session.
  • Weekly emails from Adam with insights on the predominant themes of the current Element. These emails contain helpful videos, audio recording and text to reinforce what you learn in the Sync and to prepare you for the next Sync on the schedule.

How do we stay in rhythm with the Five Element cycle?

In every session Adam brings to light the characteristics of the Elements at play – what are the strengths and weaknesses, the adaptive and maladaptive ways of responding to the energies of the particular Elements? What are the common physical, emotional, and spiritual struggles you encounter at different points in the cycle, and how do you adapt to them? What are the physical, emotional, and spiritual opportunities that arise throughout the cycle, and how can you nurture them for your growth and self-development? You stay in rhythm with this cycle by remaining mindful of and working consciously with the elements as they present themselves moment to moment.

What happens during the Sync online meetings?

One thing that always happens is we practice Qigong together! The way to stay well adapted to the changes in the Element cycle is to be attuned to your own energy, your qi. You bring your mind into awareness of the qi flowing through you and connecting you to everyone and everything.

Adam also do a deep-dive into the elemental energies that are most relevant at the time of the Sync. In the Winter, for example, he focuses on the Water Element. We may explore the preceding element, Metal, or the successor to Water, the Wood element. We would also work with the element that can “check” Water, and bring it into balance – in this example, the Earth element.

At the conclusion of every Sync we make time for Q & A, and share the insights and feedback we have all been experiencing over the last month, and we discuss how we plan to stay adapted to the changes in the cycle that lies ahead of us.

Enjoy the most recent Five Element Sync!

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How to join the Sync

The easiest way to join is to subscribe to my email list. I’ll send you an email with the Zoom link to the upcoming Sync and make sure you get all the preparatory information ahead of time. If you subscribe now, you’ll receive an email with the full video recording of our most recent Five Element Sync, as well as downloads of the worksheets you can utilize for the journaling portion.

During each Sync I share Qigong forms that are appropriate for the season, as well as helpful meditations, affirmations, and Five Element principles to help you achieve Five Element Mastery! Put this ancient system to use to achieve Mastery, Vision, and Freedom!

Grateful for the Five Element Sync

Adam Holtey is a wonderful master of Qigong and I feel very fortunate to be doing the Five Element Sync online classes that give me practical tools to use in my daily life. And the videos and other content that Adam provides in the weekly emails allows me to go even deeper into the elements and the path of my awakening. The exercises are very clear and aren’t too difficult to do, and I can even do them with my wheelchair or I’ll sit cross legged on a yoga mat.

~ Dylan M.

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