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Equinox, Transition to Metal

A Time for Letting Go

Greetings Qigong and Five Element Enthusiasts!

I am sure that all of you are as excited as I am to be welcoming in the cooler weather that comes as we move into Fall. I also feel ready to begin diving into a new element and exploring every bit of wisdom it has to offer. I thoroughly enjoyed our deep-dives into the earth element, and a lot of that energy is going to carry over into what we discuss about the metal element – especially when it comes to living your purpose!

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First Meditation for the Metal Element

As these first few months of the Five Element Sync have been rolling out, I’ve mentioned to you how in that process I’ve been getting back to the basics of my Qigong practice – and it’s been a joyous new beginning! Yesterday I began practicing a meditation, Releasing Negative Emotions, and you can follow along in the video below.

Letting go

This is a perfect meditation to practice as we head into Autumn. One of the main strengths of the metal element is in helping to facilitate letting go. Metal governs the lungs, and you let go every time you exhale. Metal also governs the large intestine and its duty to let go of the physical waste from your body.

The meditation I’ve shared above will help you to let go physically by being mindful of your internal organs and the anatomy that surrounds them, and to let go emotionally and energetically by your intention.

But I’d like to leave you with an additional exercise to take on this week – letting go of a limiting belief. As part of my inquiries into the metal element I’ve started reading a book called, “Life on Purpose,” by Brad Swift, and he suggests this exercise as a step toward living in alignment with your purpose. I am studying the subject of purpose because it is a strong characteristic of a healthy metal element, and we’ll be talking a lot about purpose as we move through the Autumn season – make sure you subscribe to get all of the content!

In getting back to the basics of my practice I am focusing on simple steps, and I believe that finding one limiting belief to release every week hits the nail on the head. If you want to give this a try I suggest adding it to the Daily Record worksheet I posted last week. Make sure to have a look at this worksheet every evening so you’re reminded to do a review of your day and identify any negative or limiting beliefs you’d like to release.

I said this exercise is simple, but it does have a second step! How do you go about releasing that belief? Swift recommends in his book to choose a new belief to take the place of the one you want to let go of. I love this recommendation, and it’s very similar to exercises I recommend in my book, The Quadrant and 3 Phases. Remember, if you purchase my book I will send you a FREE download of the entire Quadrant Workbook ($29 value) to go along with it!

One of the processes I lay out in The Quadrant and 3 Phases involves writing down your thoughts and then determining whether they are actually true. I think you’ll find through Swift’s exercise that many of your limiting beliefs hold very little truth, and that the new beliefs you choose to take their place are the more valid ones! Living in truth and on purpose is the way you roll with a healthy metal element!

Let’s share!

I will be practicing these exercises over the course of the next week and up until the Sync on the 30th. I hope you join me and share your experiences when we get together – I am excited to hear your stories!

Have a blessed Equinox this Saturday, and see you soon!

Adam Holtey

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