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Qigong to open your Heart

Let’s do some Qigong! I have a great video to share with you in this email to get your energy flowing and your heart open. The exercises in this video are great precursors to the Energy Meditation we’ve been practicing in our Five Element Sync that helps to calm your mind and relieve anxiety. In this video I show you “whole body-tapping,” and the first four movements of “The Eight Brocades,” one of the more widely practiced Qigong forms worldwide.

A New Earth Element Insight (for me, anyway)!

In continuing my exploration of the Five Elements I recently came across a new feature of the Earth Element that I was never aware of. Aside from having its place squeezed between Summer and Autumn, the Earth Element is also prevalent during the last 18 days of every season. Since we’re only about 21 days away from the Autumn Equinox, that means we’re heading into the “Earth of the Earth” for the next few weeks.

This new revelation about the Earth Element further supports the particular strength of Earth we’ve been talking about, integration. The Earth Element helps us to gather all we’ve learned through every season and bring it all together to achieve the highest understanding and application. We’ll remember this as we move along through the year and make sure to take time at the conclusion of every season to utilize Earth Element principles to do a summary and review of what we’ve learned in that season.

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Next Sync, Saturday, September 9th, 10-11am Pacific Time

Combine the energy of 3 Phase Qigong with the wisdom of the 5 Elements

The next Sync will be our first “Element Review,” so make sure to mark it on your calendar! I will cover (at least briefly) all that we’ve learned about the Earth Element over the last couple of months. I am also going to share one more valuable breathing exercise for opening the heart. This exercise focuses your attention on breathing into your chest. I’ve found over the years of teaching Qigong, and being around practitioners of modalities such as Yoga and others, that chest breathing is often neglected and more emphasis is placed on abdominal breathing. Abdominal breathing is crucial, don’t get me wrong, but opening the heart and the chest is a critical preliminary step in relieving anxiety and getting proper energy flow down to the lower chakras. The upper-body needs to be relaxed first, and that’s exactly the reason I am sharing this particular video in this email, as the first four movements of the Eight Brocades fulfill exactly that purpose.

Your Feedback is Crucial

I also want you to know that your feedback on any of the methods I share is SO important for me, and for us! The reason I am sharing about relaxing the upper-body, and opening the heart, is because many of you have shared these specific things as being challenging for you. I encourage you to continue sending me emails to contact@adamholtey.com so I can stay in-sync with your experiences of what I am sharing. The more details the better, but it can also be short and simple. Here are a couple of examples of what you could share:


  • When I practice the energy meditation with the palms I can feel the energy in my hands, but I don’t feel it yet moving through my arms
  • I feel the energy in my hands and arms, but when I get to my chest it feels tight and blocked
  • When I put my arms above my head to feel the energy in my crown chakra, I start getting aches in my neck and shoulders

Journaling Content

  • I can see my vision, but it’s hard for me to come up with the concrete steps I need to get there
  • I know my vision and I’ve made my plan, but I just can’t seem to follow through with it
  • I love doing the exercises in your videos but I am having a hard time getting into a routine of doing them on my own

These are some of the things I’ve been hearing, and I am going to utilize our time during the final Sync for the Earth Element to address them.

Preparation for the next Sync

We’re going to do a bit more active Qigong exercise on the 9th, and also a relaxation/meditation, during which I recommend you have a comfortable space to lie down. You can get a head-start if you practice the video in this email, as that’s a good chunk of what we’ll be practicing.

Foundational practices and principles of 3 Phase Qigong

I’ll also be sharing a couple of additional worksheets from my book, The Quadrant and 3 Phases. If you ever care to purchase my book I will send you an editable PDF of the Quadrant Workbook (a $29 value) that accompanies it – you can just forward me a receipt of your purchase to contact@adamholtey.com.

Also, since our last Sync I’ve been reading another great book: “Atomic Habits,” by James Clear. This is one you may want to read if you’re trying to find ways to integrate the practices I’ve been sharing with you into your life routine. I’ll be sharing some tips from the book on the 9th.

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Qigong to open your Heart

Enjoy the video, and hope you can join me for the Five Element Sync on Saturday, September 9th!

– Adam Holtey

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