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Create Your Vision

Has it been awhile since you’ve taken some time to think about where you’re headed to and what your ideals are for your future? For example, have you visualized yourself in an ideal state of physical vitality, emotional well-being, and spiritual clarity? Have you pictured yourself in a state of financial abundance, or being in relationships that inspire you and feed your soul?

If you’ve found yourself stuck in the muck and mire of the day to day, take a few minutes with the videos I share in this post to lift your perspective out of the here and now (just for a time) to visualize what dreams you’d like to manifest.

This first video from my latest Five Element Sync shows you Qigong exercises to activate your Wood Element energy. The Wood Element’s spiritual power lies in it’s ability to see into the future and make plans to manifest your goals.

Qigong for the Wood Element

Now that you’ve charged your Wood Element energy, watch the next video to utilize the Wood Element energy to visualize your ideal future!

Create Your Vision!

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Enjoy the videos, and hope to see you at the next Sync!

– Adam Holtey

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