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Qigong for the Earth Element

We just finished our monthly Five Element Sync on Saturday, covering the unique physical, energetic and spiritual characteristics of this special season of late Summer.

I wanted to share this portion of the Sync with you so you can follow along and experience the energy of Earth Element Qigong. This video also contains a powerful Fire Element meditation that helps you raise your energy and connect to Source. Practice along to cultivate the attributes of a healthy and balanced Earth Element:

  • A sense of being grounded, stable and secure
  • Connection to your inherent value and the unique gifts you have to share
  • The power of deep introspection, integration and understanding
  • Contentment and fulfilment
  • A strong connection and appreciation for friends, family, and community
Earth Element Sync Introduction and Qigong Exercise

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Enjoy the material, and I hope you can join me live for my next Five Element Sync in September!

– Adam Holtey

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