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Qigong for Balance

We are now fully in the season of the Earth Element, late (or “yellow”) Summer! Here is a preview of what’s coming up in my next Five Element Sync on Saturday, August 12th at 10am pacific time, when I’ll be presenting a deep-dive into the Earth Element. This post also contains some content I promised in my last post – a video of the Fire Element Qigong Form, which we will be reviewing together (along with other qigong exercises and meditations) on the 12th. Make sure you subscribe to my email list so get a link to the FREE Zoom session.

My previous post speaks to the positive characteristics of the Earth Element. It is a time to experience the joy of being in community and to recognize the value you provide others through the gifts you possess which you have cultivated during your life-time. It is the harvest season, when you can immerse yourself in abundance and connection. Here’s a reminder of some of the characteristics of a healthy Earth Element.

  • Shows genuine concern for others.
  • Is naturally giving, generous, and nurturing.
  • Values community and connection with friends and family.
  • Exhibits empathy and trust.
  • Creates consensus.
  • Is service oriented and altruistic.

But the Earth Element comes with challenges, as all the elements do – and these are very important to recognize. When the Earth Element is out of balance you may find yourself experiencing the following:

  • You become too concerned about gaining or maintaining approval and recognition from others.
  • You lose connection with your inherent value and the gifts you have to share.
  • You over-think things and become preoccupied with matters in your immediate time and space – you get tunnel vision.
  • You can become susceptible to being manipulated by others in unhealthy relationships.
  • By becoming dependent upon sourcing your energy from others, you lose your connection to Universal energy.

The way to maintain balance

The Five Element cycle of Traditional Chinese Medicine is most often presented in the Generative Cycle: earth creates metal, metal produces water, water nourishes wood, wood fuels fire, and fire generates earth. However, if we don’t recognize the “Checking” Cycle (often called the destructive cycle) when we consider how to balance the Five Elements within and without, then we neglect an entire half of the yin and yang dynamic. The Checking Cycle provides a way to ensure that your elemental energies are working in harmony.

Let’s keep the Earth Element balanced

In my upcoming Five Element Sync on Saturday, August 12, at 10am pacific time, I will share some exercises and meditations you can use to keep your Earth Element in balance. Specifically, we’ll utilize the Wood Element, which offers a “counter” to the Earth Element in the Checking Cycle.

The Wood Element is related to Vision, both physically and spiritually speaking. The roots of the Wood Element sink into the Earth and sever unhealthy connections. The branches of the Wood Element extend outward and above to expand your perspective beyond your current circumstances, so you can see into the future and connect with the heavenly energy of the sun and sky and experience freedom from the bonds that may be constraining you.

How we’ll utilize the Wood Element

During our next Sync I will guide you through a meditation for the Wood Element that has you imagine your ideal future. Here’s a rough outline of the process I’ll take you through, and you can benefit from working with these prompts a bit before we meet live on Saturday!

  • Determine what area of your life is most concerning to you at the current time: health, relationships, finances, life-purpose or direction?
  • Can you imagine your ideal vision in this life-area?
  • Try to picture your ideal 3-months into the future, 6-months, or 1-year.
  • Is there anything you may need to let go of to achieve this ideal vision? Consider what you may need to let go of physically, emotionally, financially, or socially.

Upcoming Sync

I am excited to hang out with you soon! I will present for about 45 minutes and then we’ll have plenty of time for Q & A. Here’s the main gist of what I’ll be presenting on Saturday:

  • Qigong and Meditation for the Earth Element
  • Principles of the Earth Element
  • Sharing the Paramita (a life-practice of Tibetan Buddhism) of the Earth Element
  • Vision meditation to balance the Earth Element

Remember to subscribe to my email list so that you receive the Zoom link to our live session!

Exercises to work with

In my previous post I shared some qigong exercises that serve as great preparation for the Fire Element Qigong Form. You can warm-up with those exercises or dive right into the Fire Element Form! We’ll practice this one together, as well as the Earth Element form on Saturday. Can’t wait to see you then!

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