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5 Meditations to Shift Your Mind-Set

Here’s the full audio of the first 5 Element Sync for you to enjoy! I had a great time hosting our first live zoom session and I look forward to seeing you all again for the next Sync on Saturday, August 12th. I’ll be sharing more details on that soon. Until then, please enjoy these audio clips that include the full 15-minute presentation of the 5 Mind-Set Shifting Meditations using the 5 Elements.

The audio of the 5 Element Sync is divided into 5 different segments

  • A brief introduction.
  • A true-life example of how I used the 5 Element Mind-Set Shifting Meditations to transform from a state of hopelessness to one of motivation and perseverance.
  • A description of the Paramitas of Tibetan Buddhism, and the synchronistic story of how I stumbled upon their connection with the 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Paul Pitchford’s book, Healing with Whole Foods.
  • A full reading of the Dhyana Paramita (meditation, concentration), and a description of how naturally it connects to the Fire Element, and the Summer season.
  • An audio meditation to guide you through all 5 of the Mind-Set Shifting Meditations. Learn how to shift from worry to trust; sorrow to courage; fear to security; anger to patience; and anxiety to focus and calm.

Enjoy the 5 Element Sync!

5 Element Sync Introduction.
My Can-Jam story. How I apply these tools to shift my mind-set.
What are the Paramitas, and how I discovered them.
The “Dhyana Paramita,” for the Fire Element.
Mind-Set Shifting Meditation!


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May you be free from anxiety
And centered in Mindfulness
May you live Worry free
And full of Gratitude
May you Release your Sorrow
And be filled with Courage
May your fear subside
And Truth give you Faith
May your Anger be washed away
And Patience and Kindness fill your being

Many Blessings!

Adam Holtey

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