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Qigong on June 5

To my fellow local qigong enthusiasts!

We’re one week away from a new round of qigong classes at Holistic Path for Wellness, in Medford. I will be teaching a Bowing and Meditation class from 8:45-9:45am, and a regular Qigong Class from 10:00-11:15am.

The Bowing and Meditation class is a routine that I have been practicing and developing for over 20 years, and I am excited to share it with you. It is the best sequence of exercises I have found to fuse the mind and body and facilitate the growth of the energetic and spiritual bodies. The methods are simple, and can be easily modified for all levels of experience. Plus, you’ll be able to replicate these practices in your home after a single class (maybe 2).

The second class is more movement oriented, and lively, and follows the 3 Phase Qigong “flow.” The exercises will release stagnant energy and bring your body into alignment for optimum qi circulation. We’ll also practice the essential abdominal breathing with meditation to accumulate vitality in the body and open the heart.

I hope to see you on the 5th, and I encourage you to like my Facebook page. Beginning June 1st, I will be posting 3-4 videos every week (like this one, “How Does Qigong Work?) for you to enjoy at your convenience.

Thank you, and let’s keep building the local qigong community!

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