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The Quadrant and 3 Phases

Free resources are now available at my website, www.adamholtey.com, and my YouTube channel, VeriWell, to help you take full advantage of the content in my book, The Quadrant and 3 Phases.

Navigate your life consciously

I’ve uploaded the full Quadrant Workbook at my website so you can complete the 3-Phase journaling component outlined in my book. In each of the 3 Phases, you engage in activities that navigate you along a path of self-discovery and actualization. Reflective exercises take you through the Quadrant, a portal that accesses all aspects of the self: positive and negative; past, present, and future. The Quadrant acts like a compass, helping you navigate the various areas of your life and view them from all perspectives. The individual exercises in the journal are posted on my site as editable PDF files, so you can either fill them out electronically or print them out and write on them the old fashioned way.

Awaken your Qi

In addition to the journaling component, my book provides instruction in the essential practices of Qigong (energy cultivation) that utilize movement, breath, and mindfulness to achieve well-being in body, mind, and spirit. All of the Qigong practices I share in my book have been produced in video and are available for free at my YouTube channel. These videos include The 8 Pieces of the Brocade, 5 Element Qigong, and more. I also have videos posted to help with sleep, to develop effective abdominal breathing, and to release stress and anxiety.

All of these new resources are FREE. You can support the production of new content by purchasing my book, The Quadrant and 3 Phases on amazon. Stay tuned by following me on Facebook or checking in at my website to find out about Qigong classes and workshops in your area. I also provide online Qigong instruction, Life-Coaching sessions, and would be happy to host a workshop in your area – just contact me through my website.

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