5 Elements, Calligraphy

Earth Element Calligraphy

Here’s the final of my calligraphy practice for the day. It’s currently Indian Summer, which is the season of the Earth Element, so I practiced the characters associated with this time in the cycle. This is so much fun, and I will share calligraphy videos in the near future!

The character at the top is Earth.The next two characters signify Trust, which is the Virtue associated with the Earth Element.

The third set of characters signify Generosity, which is the Paramita (a life-practice of Buddhism), associated with the Earth Element.

The last one is the Snake! This is the animal associated with Earth. The Snake is a circle, and you begin the Snake at the Center, which is the direction associated with Earth. I edited the photo to add the healing color of the Earth Element, yellow. This practice is a great way to immerse yourself in the healing energy of the season!

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