Phase 1 Qigong

Phase 1 Qigong: Principles and Practices

Enjoy this short video where I share a basic outline of 3-Phase Qigong, or read the following summary.

3-Phase Qigong

The 3 phases of Qigong mark the different stages that occur in a Qigong or Meditation routine. In the weekly Qigong program taught at Community Acupuncture + Natural Health, in Ashland, Oregon, we teach 3 different styles of 1-hour classes – each one emphasizing one of the 3 phases. Although each class emphasizes one particular phase, a student will experience all 3 phases within any given class.

In Phase 1 we bring the mind to the body – this is where the magic begins with the practice of Qigong, and what differentiates the discipline from other physical forms of exercise. We practice one of the most popular Qigong forms, The Eight Pieces of the Brocade, and then proceed to lie down on our mats in a relaxing “body scan” to further deepen the connection between mind and body. During the relaxation we practice breathing methods to open the heart chakra and we finish the class with an energy meditation with the same objective.

In Phase 2 we begin to hone our focus on the lower dan-tien, the physical energy center in the lower abdomen. We engage in postures that help facilitate deep abdominal breathing and strengthen the core of the lower abdomen and lower back. After accumulation, we fortify the spinal column with postures that build flexibility and resilience through the central channel, which spans the entire course of our spinal column. At the end of the class we practice an energy meditation to facilitate the flow of Qi through the central channel.

Phase 3 is a harmonization of Phases 1 and 2. We practice more complex Qigong forms that optimize the flow of Qi through the arms and legs. We utilize vibration of the body to release stagnant Qi; challenge the body and mind by holding stationary postures for extended periods; and free the mind, body and spirit in a joyful exercise of spontaneous movement.

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