“Lunar Breath, Lunar Vision” workshop

Girl performing qigong or taijiquan exercises in the evening. Woman practicing Tai Chi. Ancient chinese healthcare practice. Flat style. Vector illustration.

It’s a new moon on the first weekend of January, 2019, and we’re honoring the “Master of the Tide,” with our “Lunar Breath, Lunar Vision” workshop. The moon governs the tide, and we will practice “wave” breathing, a Qigong technique that moves energy in a natural, rhythmic fashion through all of the chakras along the spinal column. 

The absence of light from the new moon reveals the glow of the stars at night, and the heightened levels of awareness we achieve through wave breathing allow us to view bits of information in our psyche that might otherwise be hidden. We can see the visions we hold for ourselves across all areas of our lives, and release negative ideas or beliefs that hold us back from achieving them. 

“The Quadrant and 3 Phases,” a book by Adam Holtey, shares techniques utilized in this workshop to access the most accurate information from our true-self to inform us of our most authentic visions, and help us make the most enlightened decisions along our life path. This workshop will provide an in-depth introduction to Adam’s book and the methods it shares, and you’ll have the opportunity to explore and contemplate the most pertinent issues in your life at this time.

Click this link to register for the event online.

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